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Industry Veteran Tracy Williamson Releases Book

Tracy Y. Williamson has added “Author” to her name with the upcoming release of her book on October 23rd: “Own Your Moment and Take the Stage: Laying the Foundation for a Successful Music Career”.

Tracy has worked in the music industry for nearly 20 years as a record label executive, artist consultant, publicist, artist manager, songwriter, producer, entrepreneur, and radio host. Through her new book, “Own Your Moment and Take the Stage: Laying the Foundation for a Successful Music Career”, Tracy shares her journey along with viable tips and information to help guide those who desire to be connected to the music industry.

If you are in pursuit of a career in the music or entertainment industry, this book will step-by-step help lay the groundwork for you to successfully own your moment and take the stage.

Gain insight, motivation, and information to properly develop your vision before writing a song, recording music, releasing a project, performing on stage, or signing with a record label. Learn how to establish and maintain your vision, finances, music, creative goals, team and brand, while pursuing national platforms, record contracts, and distribution deals.

This book also includes an Artist Journal to notate your moments of creativity and information gathered throughout your journey.

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