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John P Kee Pays Tribute To Rance Allen

Gospel music legend John P. Kee has created the ultimate tribute project to celebrate the musical legacy of the iconic Rance Allen who with his brothers (Tom and Steve) were groundbreaking cutting-edge Gospel artists from the late 1960s up to his sudden death in 2020. They recorded for STAX/Gospel Truth, Capitol Records, Bellmark, and finally Tyscot Records, over the course of their career that gave the world spiritual classics such as “Ain’t No Need in Crying” and “Miracle Worker.”


Kee embraced and looked up to Allen as a second father and musical mentor after his own dad died in the 1980s. The forthcoming album of new interpretations of some of the Rance Allen Group’s best-loved songs is nothing short of masterful. The First single is a remake of Allen’s signature cut, “Something About the Name Jesus,” that initially appeared on Kirk Franklin’s 1998 release, The Nu Nation Project.


Kee lends his own voice, samples Allen, and adds in vocals by young gospel star Melvin Crispell, R & B crooner Lewis Sky, and church-wrecker Zacardi Cortez whose crusty baritone is closest to Allen’s in style.


The charming remake is as soulful and cathartic as the original and will cause fans to fall in love with the song all over again.

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