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Tuesday Tidbits – Jason Nelson Shifting the Atmosphere


If you haven’t done so already, you have got to hear Shifting the Atmosphere by Jason Nelson.  The single was released back in November and because releases in gospel music are plenteous and radio stations programming gospel music are being depleted with each passing week, it is very easy for you to have missed this.

Jason comes from a musical family (his brother is Jonathan Nelson (of My Name is Victory and Expect the Great fame and most recently signed with Karen Clark Sheard’s Karew Records), however, to the author’s knowledge, the Baltimore Nelsons are no relation to the Houston Nelsons (i.e. Dr. Bettye Ransom, Pastor Brian or Singer Supreme Alvanita).  Jason also serves as Pastor of the Greater Bethlehem Temple Church in a suburb of Baltimore.  Pastor/Psalmist Jason has a unique anointing and a true worshipper’s heart.  His sincerity shines brightly.  This is an admonition, DON’T MISS THIS!!!!

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