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Listening Room – Maurette Brown Clark Awesome God


Today, we direct our attention to Awesome God, a track from Maurette Brown Clark’s latest project, The Sound of VictoryIt took a while for me to get past The Sound of Victory (and the harder it gets), but when you get around to Awesome God, you have to linger in the moment.  I have said from the get go that Mo Mo posesses a certain something that allows a direct connection.  Now granted I am partial, as I had a chance to experience Mo Mo first hand and up close in worship during days spent at Greater Mount Calvary Holy Church in Washington, DC.  Maurette was then as she is now.  If you can find it, check out her on Practice What You Preach from Victor Johnson and Free and He Knows from Wilmington Chester Mass Choir.

Kim Burrell commented recently that if we are buying your cd’s we need to see you lifting your hands and engaged in worship every now and again.  We can rest assured that with Maurette, what you see and hear is what it is all the time.  But don’t  just take my word for it, listen for yourself (and feel free to hit the repeat button several times).


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