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Earnest Pugh Shares Testimony

Gospel Music mogul Dr. Earnest Pugh has an extensive discography of albums, singles, and musical collaborations. With 10 chart-topping albums and Top 30 Billboard singles, Dr. Pugh’s playlist of hits continues to grow each year. His 2017 album SURVIVE produced a hit song that would again top the charts from his 2018 album THE UNSUNG HITS, Vol. 1. “God Wants To Heal You” continues to surge as a powerful favorite with a timeless and anointed message of hope and healing.

“This song hit my desk over 13 years ago as I was preparing for the “Rain On Us” recording in Washington, DC. It’s writer, Apostle Kevin Davidson, a close childhood friend who grew up with me in Memphis, TN, called me and said he had a song that God gave him for the nations and that no one could deliver it but me. Kevin said I see God healing and setting His people free across the globe as it permeates the airwaves.”

With this decree, Tawanda Shamley of Joyful Noise Promotions, set out on a mission to assure the song permeated the airwaves worldwide. “As soon as I heard the song I told Pugh that it would be an anthem,” said Shamley. “I know a hit when I hear one!”

According to Pugh, “God Wants To Heal You” has been his “go to” song for prayer and altar call moments since the day he recorded it. “It amazes me to see God manifested presence in the room every time I minister this single,” he shares. “I urge every listener to open your heart, mind, and soul and make way for your mental and physical healing as you listen to this amazing song.”

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