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Earnest Pugh Issues Challenge: So You Think You Can Dance

Psalm 150:4 admonishes us to “praise Him with the timbrel and dance”, and Earnest Pugh has made it his business to bring life to this scripture with the July 8th release of the Top Ten Praise Breaks.Top Ten Praise Breaks

Pugh offered this explanation, “at my live recording for the  “A Worshipper’s Perspective”  CD in 2006 that I saw the power of God move.   I literally had to ask people to take their seats because we knew the cameras were rolling and we wanted to be out of that building at a certain time but it was as though the Holy Spirit refused to leave the room. My music director looked at me and said, `Let God have his way…’ Needless to say the praise break was the highlight of the recording and set the tone for the rest of the recording. From that day forth I vowed to always pause for the cause and render a praise break.”

“This CD will give musicians and worship leaders a tool that can be used when their services shift from worship to praise or vice versa,” says EPM Music Group President Keith Williams.  “The CD will showcase a variety of approaches to the praise break from the West Coast style to the East Coast vibe.”

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