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Chrisette Michele: So… I’m Writing A Gospel Album


Chrisette Michele announced in a blog post, that she is working on a gospel record.  She shares, “I was saved and speaking in tongues at 9. I was an interesting kid.”  Adding that though she was always of the mindset to write for “those that don’t know Him,” God had other plans.   “Over last two years I’ve gotten to know God like never before. My latest  ‘fail’ broke me to the core. I knew something this time. This time I knew that I had to strip trying to be perfect. I had to let go and let God. Refusing to despise what God allowed, I kept my face at His throne. I covered my ears from the noise and replaced it with the music and the books, speeches and movies His children make. It was the first time in my life where I really realized why Gospel artists create gospel music. They create for everyday people like you and me who are imperfect. People who fall. People who make mistakes,” she said.

No timeframe for release has been announced, but as Chrisette ends her blog post, “Look at your neighbor and say, ‘Stay Tuned! God’s about to blow your mind!'” We’re excited to hear the yield of her experience!

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