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Betty Griffin Keller Spearheads Breast Cancer Awareness Virtual Seminar

Betty Griffin Keller is known around the globe for the many years she was a featured soloist with the Southern California Community Choir and then as part of the legendary James Cleveland Singers. She blazed a trail with a string of hits including The Grace of God, I’ll Let Nothing Stop Me, Somehow I Made It and Nothing Too Hard For God. Her eponymous debut project featured the super hits Eagles Wings and her signature hit, You Can Make It. She has worn many hats including wife, mother, pastor’s wife, first lady and various others, however, there is one that she treasures and that is breast cancer survivor.

“I’ve got SO MUCH to thank God for, exclaims Betty Griffin Keller. 15 years, breast cancer free and I give God all the glory. My journey to this place wasn’t easy, but God has proven himself faithful through it all. It is my desire to share the information that I have learned with my sisters and brothers, and so I have put together this conference that we would usually do in person but we are doing virtually this year, because I care. We want to arm people with information and do our part to lift up those who are hurting.”

The Because I Care Breast Cancer Virtual Seminar takes place on Saturday, October 30th from 2 pm – 4 pm PST via Zoom. Check Betty’s facebook and IG page for link and phone info.

Betty Griffin Keller can be heard on Faithful, the new CD from the New Macedonia Missionary Baptist Church choir where she is the first lady and her husband Dr. Billie Keller serves as the Pastor. The disc is available now on all digital platforms and streaming outlets.

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