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Robin Covington Debuts New Music

In time for the holidays, Robin Covington gives us a sampling of music from her long-awaited highly anticipated solo debut with a 3 song sampler hitting digital outlets and radio.  “My God, My God! If you feel like me, you know this has been a long time coming”, Covington explains.  “This has been a true exercise of walking by faith and trusting God in the midst of your crisis.  It seemed like the devil threw everything he had at me, he did his level best to frustrate and discourage my efforts.  I am truly grateful for the people God assigned to me to pray for me and lift me up”.

Covington, a founding member and lead vocalist for Ricky Dillard’s New Generation Chorale celebrates God’s goodness with the up tempo With You and a reworking of  How He Loves Us (a song she previously recorded with New G) and her radio single, (Thank You Lord for ) Keeping Me.  Covington puts her song choice in perspective: “We were all set to go with another song for our radio push, and then the hurricanes came and there was the Las Vegas shooting and just on Sunday the Texas church shooting.  With everything going on all over the world, God graces us with his strength to get up every morning and experience the blessings of a new day, we shouldn’t take that lightly and I want the world to know I am grateful to be kept in my right mind by the grace of God for just another day”.

Covington introduced the music via the Sunday worship service at her home church, the New Covenant Missionary Baptist Church in Chicago and heads out on selected dates to promote the single release over the next couple of weeks.

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