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Google Gets Churchy With Work It Out Commercial

Google Chromebook captured a number of eyes and ears with the debut of its new commercial which uses a sample of the 1980 recording of Jesus Can Work It Out in its new commercial.  The song, written and recorded by the late George Jordan and the Christian Tabernacle Church Baptist Choir was popularized by Dr. Charles G. Hayes and the Cosmopolitan Church of Prayer Choir with Diane Williams on lead and garnered them a Gold recording certification from the RIAA.  Williams and the choir re-recorded the song as the Work It Out Remix in 2005.  Work It Out has seen a number of covers including the Kurt Carr Singers, Vernard Johnson, Rod McGaha and the Jackson Southernaires.

The version from which the sample is taken comes from House music artist Karizma.  Hear Karizma’s full version below



Robin Covington Debu
Throwback to Marcus


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