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Lisa Page Brooks Drops New CD

Returning to the music scene after her hit I Want To Say Thank You shot to #1 on the Billboard Gospel Airplay chart and remained in the Top 5 for a record 24 weeks. The song also received an ASCAP Song Writer’s Award and was featured on WOW Gospel. Lisa Page Brooks delivers new music via her new disc, My Life.

Lisa’s new album was recorded live in Detroit at Christian Tabernacle Church. The core themes of the album talk about personal identity, faith, trials, setbacks, and learning how to be secure in one’s Christian faith. Page Brooks describes her vision for this album as, “…transformative music that touches the heart while encouraging listeners to be strong in their faith”. “Do It Again” is the lead single from her  project. It speaks to triumph through the power of God working in one’s life. Page Brooks lets listeners know that through life’s victories & experiences she has learned that God will always come through. Page Brooks drives home the message that God’s love is un-wavering and He’ll never change. “Do It Again” motivates listeners to believe, listen, and trust in the Lord, no matter how bad the situation. Lisa Page Brooks’ signature sound laces this soulful track and gives listeners what they’ve come to love from her. The traditional Gospel sound shines through on “Do It Again”.


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