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Wyclef Jean Joins Devon Golder For I Talk To God

Devon Golder teams up with Wyclef Jean on his new music video, “I Talk to God” (Ear Candi Music Group/Tyscot). One day, co-writer Kris Kelly, was playing Golder a guitar loop. On the spot, Golder began writing the lyrics, word for word. “I’ sat on the song for a while,” he confesses. “I just came to the point that after making all of the secular music and living that city life, everything in my life seemed to be falling apart.  I said to myself, who am I to write a spiritual song? I’ve smoked weed, I’ve been in the club. I can’t make this kind of song. Then, I started to think, `why can’t I do it?’ Everybody has flaws. Nobody’s perfect. We’ve got a world full of everything, why can’t I talk to God through my music because my life doesn’t line up with yours?”

Golder was on tour with Jean earlier this year and shared the song with him just to get his critique. At the time, a member of Jean’s family was dying of cancer and Golder says that, “Clef said the song spoke to him.” It touched him enough that he raps on and appears in the music video that was shot by PhillyFlyBoy (T.I., Lil Wayne and Yo Gotti). “I think it’s a great time for the song,” Golder says. “You don’t have to go to a building to talk to God about your issues. You can talk to him anywhere, at any time.”

The “I Talk to God” music video will release via iTunes on November 9th. The audio version of the song will be available for digital pre-order and streaming pre-saves on November 2nd with permanent download release set for November 30th.

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