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Tye Tribbett Speaks about "Greater Than"


Tye Tribbett’s new album “Greater Than” is sweeping across the nation. Gospel fans across the country have took to social media posting their pictures with their hands doing the (>) greater than symbol. This movement has encouraged the body of Christ to believe that GOD is greater than whatever they are dealing with and he can certainly “Turn It Around”.  Tye has been the last few weeks promoting the album but sat down with me for a quick chat about his new album, which is currently the #1 Gospel album in the Country.

GOSPElflava: The new album hit stores August 6th, debut at #1 and was one of the most anticipated albums of the year! How does it feel for it to finally be released?

Tye Tribbett: It’s awesome! But yet a humbling experience. It truly felt like the earth is waiting to hear what the next sound or message is.

GOSPELflava:  You are known for your energetic and power packed performances. What can people expect when they listen to “Greater Than”?

Tye Tribbett: I truly want each listener to feel like they are on a large carnival “Jesus Float”. This entire album is dedicated to bragging on how great our God is!

GOSPELflava: Since the single, “If He Did It Before”  has  been released its become an anthem of faith and a declaration for so many. What is the story behind that song?

Tye Tribbett: The story is I wanted to make a bold statement about how Great Our God is. That song was birth out of that desire to proclaim that.

GOSPElflava: How important is your relationship with GOD as it relates to what you feel he wants you to say when you prepare for an album?

Tye Tribbett: VERY important. This album is a direct reflection of my one on one experience with him.

GOSPELflava: You work with incredible musicians and singers who brought such power and passion to this album. When we see you all perform the unity is strong and everyone is in sync. How do you all prepare for each album?

Tye Tribbett: Prayer, rehearsal and focus. Those are key tools for creating this experience that happens on stage when the music, talent and the creativity come together.

GOSPELflava: What’s next for Tye Tribbett? 

Tye Tribbett:  Well we are looking into a fall tour. We are definitely exploring some real creative ways to share the music and looking into TV and other outlets to share the message.


Current Fan Favorite: “He Turned It” 

Tye Tribbett’s “Greater Than” is available online and in stores.

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