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Tina Campbell Gets First Solo Grammy Nomination

Tina Campbell celebrates her first solo Grammy nomination for Too Hard Not To, the lead single from her latest album, Its Still Personal.  Campbell is the winner of four Grammy Awards as one half of the sister duo Mary Mary.

“This song is God breathed,” Tina explains, “extremely personal, and how I acquired a better life. Money can’t buy this. Fame can’t accomplish this. Intellect can’t mastermind this. Power can’t acquire this. This idea, this concept, this philosophy, this wisdom, presented by way of lyrics, melody, and music, is what takes you from mere existence or mere survival to freedom and abundant living that can’t be measured or stolen by people nor things. When you can’t control life, you control you and chose forgiveness. That is power. That is love. That is living. I pray that “Too Hard Not To” becomes the anthem, the philosophy, the reality, and gateway to total healing and freedom for billions, just as it was for me.”

Tina Campbell shared her life experiences with the world via the Mary Mary reality show on Wetv.  Tina continues to enlighten and inspire via her web series that she shares with her husband.  Too Hard Not To made its way into the number 2 spot on the Billboard chart.


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