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Thank You Goes Number One For James Grear At Radio

Blacksmoke Music Worldwide recording artist James Grear and Company overflows with gratefulness as their radio single, I Wanna Say Thank You, featuring Maurette Brown Clark takes the top spot this week on the Mediabase and Billboard Gospel Radio charts.

“Look at what God has done!” exclaims James Grear.  “I Wanna Say Thank You” is the #1 Gospel song in the country this week! While my heart is full, I want to use this moment to encourage someone to know that it’s never too late to accomplish what God has ordained for your life!  I am SHOUTING CONGRATULATIONS to “The Company”, as well as the incomparable Maurette Brown Clark, the amazing songwriter Pharis Evans Jr., and our maestro producer, Darnell Davis.  Special thanks to Kerry Douglas and the entire hardworking staff at Blacksmoke Music Worldwide and Kerry Douglas Radio Promotions (shout out to the very capable VP Ricky D).  A HUGE thank you to Ronedy Ra Moore, for your consistency, dedication and determination, you are the absolute BEST, hands down! Thank you to every radio station & announcer across the country who continues to play this song and Thank you to everyone who purchased and streamed this record and the video, to all who played a part in this song going #1, I say Thank You from the bottom of my heart! GOD DID IT!
Grear blew the dust off of Thank You, and used it as the first single from the group’s latest offering,  The Prelude released in September.  The EP marks the return of James Grear and Company to Gospel music after a seven-year hiatus.  Featured vocalist Maurette Brown Clark added, ” What a blessing to be able to record yet another song that everyone is already singing but to be released to “do me.” Priceless. Thank you to James Grear for allowing me this opportunity that breathed life into me and my forward motion in ministry…you are a friend unfailing, and to “Company” for embracing me like we have sung together forever. Well, we are now forever family.  Thank you Darnell Davis for 5 star production and to Pharis Evans, Jr. for such a great song that has stood the test of time.  Oh and don’t mind me…I’m just gonna be over here saying “thank you”. To God be all glory.”  Songwriter Pharis Evans, Jr. shared this. “This is indeed a God moment.  I reverence and honor God for allowing me to be an instrument.  Face facts, everybody in music at some time in their career wants awards and accolades, but I found out it was when I stopped hoping for those things that God could trust me and allow this to happen.  A remake doesn’t hit the charts, not like this, I know its favor, I know it was God’s favor and God did it at a time that He could trust me not to put my hands on it; its for His glory and He could also trust me to have his priority for my life in order, I’m doing His thing.  This is a blessing.”

Blacksmoke Music Worldwide CEO Kerry Douglas capped off the experience with this,  “Our God is great and mighty! This is Blacksmoke Music’s 4th No. 1 for the year and the 5th No.1 for Kerry Douglas Radio Promotions. Coming on the heels of a Grammy nomination for Zacardi and our multiple Stellar Award wins and performances, this has been a banner year for us, and don’t get comfortable; we have some great music planned for next year. I celebrate James Grear and The Company, and echo James on the thanks accolades to everyone who had a part in this victory. This is EVIDENCE that despite the odds and the naysayers, God’s agenda will succeed; all He needs is someone willing and available. I ask that you pray for the Kerry Douglas Media Group as we do our part. We are venturing into new territory with animation, full-length feature films and quality content with our Believe network. The Best Is Yet To Come.

The Prelude is available on all digital outlets and streaming platforms, and stay connected to James Grear and Company, Blacksmoke Music Worldwide, and Believe Network via social media.
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