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On Tour with the Mississippi Mass Choir – Tour Recap

Today, we play catch up with our special correspondent, MMC Social Media and Communications Guru Daniel James as he gives us today’s installment.

Hello GOSPELflava family!!! Its been a while since we had a chance to play catch up. Let’s do that now.  Going back to Gernika.  After a 2 hour drive, we arrived in the small town of Gernika. Checking into the hotel the skies opened up and the rain began to pour.  Our hotel accommodations were somewhat primitive, however we made the best of them and prepared for the services. We opened with God Will Take Care of You, from there we went to Put Your Trust in Jesus and finally ended with Oh Happy Day.  After the concert, we came back to the hotel and enjoyed a wonderful meal.  We sang for the owner and staff as a special encore.  The owner was so impressed that they invited us back for a free breakfast.



After breakfast, we gathered our things and prepared for the 6 hour journey to Madrid.  We dropped our bags off at the hotel and headed to the  Gomez theater for sound check.  After prayer, we took to the stage.  The thunderous applause of a capacity audience of over 1300 greeted us as we came to the stage.  Larry Johnson ushered in the presence of the Lord and took us to church with When the Saints Go Marching In.  The evening ended with an encore of Oh Happy Day (a must when you come overseas).  Dinner that evening was at the famous Hard Rock Cage and preparation for our trip to San Sebastian.

Night after night, the audience has greeted us enthusiastically with their great appreciation for gospel music.

Special thanks to Ben Cone and Harvey Williams who have provided us with pics.  Be sure to check out the GOSPELflava facebook page and the MMC and GOSPELflava twitter pages for additional posts.  Thanks and God bless until our next recap.

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