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On The Road with Mississippi Mass Choir – Day 2

In our continuing series, Mississippi Mass Choir’s Communications and Social Media/Goodwill Ambassador Daniel James gives us the run down on MMC as they tour Spain during the Christmas holiday season.  And now, a word from Daniel……….

 Day 2  in Spain has come and gone.  The weather is still holding at 28 degrees, in spite of having cold hands we still have warm hearts. Today we had a chance to get to rehearse with the famed Pamplona Choral Society.  This 120 member ensemble will perform with us in concert on tomorrow. Jerry Smith, our capable minister of music led us through a rousing rehearsal of hymns, spirituals and gospel songs along with some festive holiday songs.  Needless to say there will be a Silent Night and a Oh Happy Day (everyone’s favorite song overseas). Its so nice to find people across the waters that share a love of gospel music just like we do.  The Pamplona Choral Society can hold their own, too (smile).  They hold the distinction of being the first Spanish Choir to perform at Carnegie Hall in New York and the choir has been in existence since 1865.   There is great excitement and anticipation of tomorrow’s concert (local television and news is covering the concert) and we had a lot of fun getting to meet and greet and  sing with the Pamplona Choral Society.  We snapped a couple pics to share with you. Hopefully in our next installment, we’ll get you some video clips so you can hear the sounds from the Baluarte Auditorium. Until next time, be well and stay warm.

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