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Montage Pheloan Expresses His Point Of View

Grammy Award nominated songwriter and producer Montage Pheloan is in celebration mode.  Two of his compositions were recorded by Ricky Dillard and New G on their 25th Anniversary CD AmazingCelebrate the King has reached a semi classic status, being sung by choirs across the country.  The song is the third radio single released from the disc and has dominated radio for almost a year.  In 2017, Celebrate the King makes its reentry as part of the WOW Gospel 2017 compilation CD, which debuted at #1 on the Billboard Top Gospel Albums Charts.

Pheloan gave us a songwriter’s point of view.  “Believe it or not, we are all inspired by God to do something”, Pheloan states.  “My gift just happened to be music and through Divine inspiration, the music just flows.  I am grateful to be a vessel that God uses to touch people through the powerful medium of music.  It was an honor to have both Celebrate the King and Everything on Ricky Dillard’s Amazing CD.  I was humbled and honored to receive notification when the album received the Grammy nomination and I am equally humbled and appreciative to have Celebrate the King exhibit staying power on the radio for this long and to make the WOW Gospel series.  Without a doubt, God is a great God and worthy of praise.

Pheloan turns his energies now to the recording of his Chicago based home church choir.  “Pleasant Green MB Church is where I grew up and today, my mom serves as minister of music.”  The choir is putting finishing touches on their sophomore project while the radio single, Oh the Blood is gaining traction at radio.   “If ever there was a time that we needed to be covered by the blood of Jesus, that time is now”, Pheloan says.  “It is comforting to know that in over 2000 years, the blood of Jesus has never had a power failure and  is well able to cleanse us from sin and daily give us strength to endure.”



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