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Marvin Sapp Drops New Single, Readies New Album

Marvin Sapp encourages believers to hold fast and stay the course, because victory is close.  Close serves as the lead single and title of his new album with a scheduled release date of September 29th.  Close pairs Sapp with award winning producer Aaron Lindsey and Solomon Edwards for a musical masterpiece.

Marvin Sapp says: “I am excited to work with Phil Thornton and his team on this new album, and to release a song that I believe is perfectly suited for a time such as this. People are feeling frustrated and overwhelmed, challenged and attacked. People are feeling neglected because a lot of things seem to not be going their way, but we can’t confuse being neglected for being processed. We have to remember that the tougher things get, that often means we are closer to God’s destiny for our lives…Attacks against us as a people intensify when we are closer to what God said and pre-ordained for us. Whatever you may be going through, this song is saying ‘don’t stress about it, you are close.”

Phil Thornton (Verity and RCA Inspiration SVP & General Manager) says: “It’s an honor to launch Marvin Sapp’s new single ‘Close’ and his much-anticipated new album as the first release in reintroducing the iconic label Verity! Bishop Sapp is a dynamic icon whose signature sound and invigorating ministry have continued to have a worldwide influence, uplifting countless millions of people as a singer, songwriter, and Gospel leader, with one of the most gifted voices there is today.”

Look for Marvin Sapp to be featured on the TV One docu-series Unsung during the Summer of 2017.


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