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Lights Shine Bright For Leon Timbo & Northern Lights United

If you ever get an invite from Leon Timbo to come and worship, by all means, take him up on the offer.  Such is the case with Leon Timbo and Northern Lights United.  The project, termed as a volume 1 and released by Eone at the end of June is a refreshingly and authentically rich worship experience.   Here, God is the audience and those that will hear are the recipients of music that flows as a result of time spent in God’s presence.

Leon Timbo was born to be a worshiper.  While engaged in making serious message music in R & B, the PK makes sure that his faith and love for Jesus are known by those that he comes in contact with.  Clinging to his foundation, he proclaims, ” I’m still a preacher’s kid, and I want to serve where that’s expanded to. We live in an age where you don’t have to hide your faith.”

Northern Lights United is a unique group in and of itself. “Think Sounds of Blackness or Kirk Franklin’s The Family and God’s Property, if you will,” says Leon of Northern Lights. The multiracial collective’s members hail from Cleveland, Chicago, New York and Sweden. “We are different individuals from different walks of life,” adds Leon, “coming together to share our faith-filled, God-focused perspectives.”

Invitation to Worship is available on all digital outlets.


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