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Keeping Up With The James

TheJamesThe music of Savoy Records recording artists the Florida Mass Choir dominated the radio airwaves in the 80s.  Among their many hits was the song Be Ye Steadfast (pause for a moment of reflection and listen here), and the signature voice of Delores James Cain served as an inspiration to many.  Cain (a second generation preacher and pastor of Tampa based Heritage Christian Community Baptist Church) comes from a family of singers and preachers and credits her faith for sustaining them through times good and bad.  A couple years ago, Cain and the members of her family decided to relive the music moments of their childhood by forming a family singing group and called themselves The James.  They caught the attention of gospel music loves with My Everything featured on the  Time Life Music compilation CD Shoutin’ Down the Aisles .  Their next hit would come in the form of Jesus Rescued Me, which debuted in 2011 at #21 on the Billboad Top Gospel Albums Chart.  The James are empowered to carry the message of the Gospel to those who are willing to hear.

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