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Kathy Taylor Invites You To Church Windsor Village Style

Kathy Taylor has a burning desire for everyone to experience WORSHIP as she has for the last 25 years leading the music department at Houston’s Windsor Village United Methodist Church. Seeing that she cospiritofagratefululdn’t get everyone to move to Houston, she decided on the next best thing. Kathy Taylor is proud to introduce you to her church via Spirit of A Grateful People, the Windsor Village Church Family Worship & Arts Ministry, the first album from her  Katco Music Group label.

“This record was born out of a desire to tell God… We are grateful,” Taylor shares, “with all the natural disasters and tragedies…we remain grateful to Him.”  “The album was a homegrown project,” Taylor adds, “most of the songs were written by members of Windsor Village United Methodist Church Mass Choir.” Taylor notes that the CD offers something for everyone.  “This is a family album, there is music for every generation from the grandmother to the grandbaby.”


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