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Jason McGee And The Choir Declare It’s Not Over

Choir director extraordinaire, Jason McGee & The Choir releases their new single “It’s Not Over,” today on all digital platforms. The LA-based choir has been making waves over the last few years with innovative and fresh choir music.

Working with longtime collaborators Warryn Campbell and Gerald Haddon, “It’s Not Over,” is a perfectly timed ballad. The message is necessary encouragement for today’s uncertain and troubled time.

“‘It’s Not Over’ is the reminder that God always has the final say. While it may feel like there are mountains and giants standing in your way, NOTHING is too big or too hard for him,” McGee said. “The song encourages us all to keep going, keep believing, and keep living.”

The single comes in advance of Jason McGee & The Choir’s eponymous My Block Inc. debut album due later this Summer. “Promises” and “Never Let You Go,” previously released as singles in 2019, will also appear on the album.

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