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EMG Provides A Reason To Remember Easter

The Easter Season is a time for believers to commemorate the death and resurrection of the Savior of the whole world Jesus Christ.  The Rhyme & Reason family of artists came together with the intention of giving us the second edition of A Reason To Remember (Enon Music Group/The Orchard/Sony), and they ended up providing quite a number of unforgettable reasons in this stellar worthy collection of soon to be Easter classics.

Enon Music Group Vice President Dr. Garland “Miche” Waller said, “Easter has a special place in the life of the believer.  You will easily think of Dr. Margaret Douroux’s He Decided To Die and Twinkie Clark’s He Was Hung Up For My Hang Ups for Good Friday or Andrae Crouch’s The Blood Will Never Lose Its Power. You can’t leave out the hymns of the season, Jesus Keep Me Near The Cross, The Old Rugged Cross, At Calvary, these songs hold special meaning to Christians and have stood the test of time.   These songs were God inspired and help us to remember Jesus and His demonstration of love for us.  Morgan Turner has shown sheer creativity In putting together these projects for Christmas and Easter.  Then he goes and shows us he can do it again, this time  assembling some of the greatest music ministers on this side of Heaven with a “live church service” feel to put their own personal spin on the Jesus died and rose again message; with this new collection, they add a little more to the story.  The session was so spiritual, I didn’t think we would get through it.  I just pray that what’s been captured conveys what was felt that day and that the audience will have more reasons to remember JESUS.”

Passionate performances from April Hall, the Stewart Brothers, Jarrell Hosley, Chico Robinson, Jemila Richardson and the infectious arrangement of He Rose from Robert Copeland are but a few of the gems which get the Hosanna and Hallelujah response.  A Reason To Remember Volume 2 is available now on all digital outlets and streaming platforms.

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