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Derrick Starks Picks Up Family and Friends Mantle

The late Ron Winans was instrumental in the introduction of great Gospel singers, musicians and songwriters via his Family and Friends recordings.  Billboard hit making producer and songwriter Derrick Starks was a recipient of Winans’ opportunity. From that humbling experience, Starks has gone on to additional successes in Gospel music, composing songs for Dorinda Clark Cole (He Brought Me, So Many Times, Take It Back), Bishop Paul S. Morton (Watching Over Me) and others. “One of my earliest songwriting opportunities came via the Ron Winans Family and Friends series’, Starks noted.  “Those recordings exposed the country to some great musical gifts; we got to know We Must Work and the song stylings of Jesse Campbell and who can forget hearing Donnie McClurkin sing Stand for the first time?”

“I have been blessed to travel the country as both a musical director as well as a workshop conductor and choir trainer. I believe we have a responsibility to prepare and train others to be more effective in music ministry as well as provide a viable outlet for emerging singers and songwriters.  Dr. Mattie Moss Clark did it with her A Song is Born Series, the GMWA began in Detroit with the goal of introducing new music to the church, and we want to continue the tradition.  That’s what God placed on my heart, and that’s what I want to do.”We will be bringing together some of the country’s foremost singers, songwriters and musicians for fellowship, impartation and information.  The workshops will cover relevant industry issues as well as need to know information, and the recording is going to be the highlight of the event.”

The Family and Friends Workshop and Recording is scheduled for August.

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