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Derrick Starks Gets Court Time With The Atlanta Hawks

BMI Award Winning Songwriter and Producer Derrick Starks realizes one of his dreams as he joins the Atlanta Hawks on the basketball court for Faith and Family night on Friday, February 22nd as they play the Detroit Pistons.   Starks will lead the music ministry of the Berean Christian Church Choir, pastored by Reverend Kerwin Lee in a mini-concert following the game.
“You all just don’t know.  In addition to my music gifts, I have the authentic GIFT of playing basketball”, Starks explains with a smile.  “I’m grateful the people in Atlanta finally realized the oversight that has been made these many years.  But in all seriousness, it is an honor to be a Jesus representer, February is Black History month, we get to celebrate a true American made art form in Gospel music and we are answering the  commission to go into all the world and carry the message of the Gospel, and that’s what we plan to do.  It is ironic that Atlanta is playing my hometown team Detroit, but its all good.”
The highly sought after songwriter, producer, music director and workship clinician adds CEO to his many hats with the creation of his new music label imprint, Starks Music Group.  “This has been another dream the Lord allowed to come to pass”, Starks adds. “The scripture says though the vision tarry, wait for it. We spend a lot of time second-guessing God on his timing, not realizing He has a plan for us that far exceeds anything that we can ever dream of.  I am so excited about the Family and Friends Choir project, and I am also eager for the world to hear the solo debut of my sister, Lena Starks.  Lena is without a doubt a uniquely gifted singer and she has something to sing about.
Starks heads overseas in March to lead a 1,000 voice choir workshop and concert series in Germany.
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