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Derrick Starks Family And Friends Choir Make Joyous Christmas Sounds

Derrick Starks took to social media to introduce Wonderful, his latest musical offering featuring lead vocals from Lena Starks backed by the newly formed Family and Friends Choir. 

Derrick Starks convened the Family and Friends Music Conference in the Motor City this past summer.  “Can I just tell you that this year’s Family and Friends Music and Ministry Conference  was a phenomenal experience!”, Starks stated. “People came from around the country and overseas to be a part of Family and Friends. God favored us to have some of the world’s finest creatives like David Bratton and J Drew Sheard III all together in one setting to share of their experiences and wealth of knowledge with us during the power sessions, I mean to have the one and only Dr. Hart Ramsey to speak words of wisdom to us was just rich. The recording was an experience of heaven on earth. I didn’t want this holiday season to pass without giving a preview of what’s to come, and Wonderful is just enough to whet your appetite. The prophet Isaiah foretold of the Savior’s birth and declared, his name shall be called Wonderful, Counselor, the Everlasting Father, the Prince of Peace (that is enough to praise God for). Matthew comes to enhance Isaiah’s words with she shall bring forth a son and thou shall call his name JESUS. This song musically illustrates Isaiah 9:6 and is a great addition to the modern Christmas time music.”

Wonderful makes its performance debut during the Christmas Concert of the Whitfield Company on December 9th and heads to digital outlets in the coming week.

Bill Moss, Jr. and J
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