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Chico Robinson And GC Start The New Year Off Right

2020 signals new beginnings and a fresh start for many. For Gospel music fans, the new year delivers a bright and sunny future for acclaimed choir leader Chico Robinson and his group God’s Chosen (GC) as they release Glory Day Experience, their inauguralnationally distributed debut offering through Enon Music Group and The Orchard/Sony on January 10th. Adding to the fanfare, GC releases a new single, the effusive overcoming anthem, “I’ll Make It” featuring Anton Milton to radio over the next couple of weeks.

“Wow, this is our Kairos moment”, states group leader Chico Robinson. “Everything happens for a reason, and we are fully convinced that God allowed us the opportunity to come through some hills and some mountains and even some valleys and desert places, but though it all, we gained a testimony, we have a motto to hang our hat on and hold steadfast to, no matter what comes, there is fight in us and through God’s help, we made it and you can make it too.. Guest Vocalist Anton Milton chimes in “I’ll Make It” is an amazing, energetic song that encourages you to keep fighting. I enjoyed working with my brother, Chico Robinson on this project.

The youthful and exuberantly energetic Robinson and ensemble is committed to take this message into all the world. “We readily embrace our mission, and that is to do whatever it takes to please God, to reach the lost at any cost” “We know that we are called by God to carry his message to the nations, and we take our job seriously.” He adds/ “There is definitely something for everyone here, for every taste and particular liking, but know this, it all points to the cross. We want you to get the message that every note sung and played, its all about Jesus.”

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