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Catching Up With Erick Matthews

Back in the 90s when choirs reigned supreme, we got to know the music by the individuals who gave them light and life.  Such an individual is Erick Matthews.  Matthews is prominently known for contributing leErick Matthewsad to Let Us Praise and Worship Him from John P Kee’s VIP Mass Choir hit CD Stand.  He would guest on other John P Kee projects including Special Christmas Gift and Strength both with the New Life Community Choir.  His solo debut,  Friend For Always was released in 1997 and he helped out his sister Drea Randle making an appearance on her debut CD Oooh Wee in 1998, followed by the release of his second solo project No Fear In Me which GOSPELflava reviewed here.

Collaborations with Prime Minister, BBJ, MC Hammer and Ben Tankard would lead to additional doors of opportunity being opened as well as the release of a third album Life Captured in 2008.

Today, the singer/songwriter finds himself with added responsibilities including worship leader, author, speaker,  husband and  dad.  Through it all, he still has time to make a statement through his music, releasing a new single entitled Power earlier this summer and makes plans for a full album within the coming months.

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