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In the Mix – The January Wrap Up

Better2013 is taking shape as the last day of January marks the release of great gospel music into the marketplace. After a few problems with iTunes yesterday, things finally got “Better” for Charles Butler, Jr and Trinity. Better is the first single from the DC based group on the EPM Music Group Label and the full project is slated for a February 26th release.  GOSPELflava caught up  with Pugh and Butler at this year’s Stellar Awards Weekend.


The transformed Men of Standard Alum Lowell Pye makes a bold statement with I Need You, the second single from his upcoming sophomore solo project, LowellTransformed.   Pye already carries the distinction of being a singer’s singer and I Need You makes you a bonafide believer all over again. Lowell may have a new look, but his signature sound is in tact.  GOSPELflava reviewed Lowell’s first project, which you can read here:


Lisa Knowles and the Brown Singers get you in the spirit with God Do It and help to reinforce the longevity of quartet music. Its been arounLisa Knowlesd for a long time and is here to stay. Newcomer Tim Dillinger gets his turn at bat with the release of Baton.  The uniqueness of Baton pairs a sampling of James Cleveland’s I Stood on the Banks of Jordan with Dillinger’s soulful sound and new lyrics. Dillinger “went to school” with the traditional  soul of gospel and from theDillinger sounds of Baton, it has paid off.



Damien Sneeresized_Damien_Sneed_2d while celebrating his birthday on yesterday announced February 12th as the release date for his LeChateau Earl Records Compilation.  The compilation will feature tracks from his critically acclaimed Introspections disc as well as music from the Bishop Iona Locke presents Kingdom Victory Live. A single will be hitting radio next week.


Looking forward to next month, February 5th marks the release of projects from William Murphy, Dottie Peoples, Tasha Cobbs, Percy Bady and aWilliam Murphy pairing of The Williams Brothers and Lee Williams and the Spiritual QCs (and that’s just the ones that we have heard of as of this writing).  In the underground we hear that Larry Whitfield (brother of Thomas) is working on a new project and there are plans in the works for a Best of set from Chicago’s Reverend Clay Evans and the Fellowship Choir.

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Lee Williams and The


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