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An Advance Look at Tonight’s We’re The Campbells

The poignant docu-Series We’re the Campbells picks up tonight with Erica facing a new challenge in penning her memoirs. Having co-written with her sister Tina before, Erica starts work on her first book she’s writing by herself and struggles to find her voice as an author. Erica shows Warryn some pages from her first draft and he tells her she needs to dig deeper. Shane, Erica’s book agent, also agrees so they set up a test group to give Erica feedback on new pages. A worried Erica enlists Misty to help her with the book so she won’t disappoint the publisher with bad reviews. After some deep soul searching, Erica finally opens up about some dark difficult times in her life, including a dark period that she struggled through as a pre-teen and a miscarriage as an adult. Meanwhile, Warryn and Erica’s best couple friends, Lisa and Juan Winans, visit. Lastly, Joi decides she’s not going to leave the music industry regardless of the prejudice she faces, so she gets back to work on a new single; but will Warryn like what he hears?

Catch a sneak peek here:

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