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A Burst Of April (Hall) In The Summer

For those who are encapsulated in the finality of summer as August hits its zenith, Enon Music Group brings a “burst of April”in the summer time with the unveiling of cover art and pre order availability for The H.O.P.E. Experience, the highly anticipated CD release of singer, worship leader and dynamic vocal stylist and East Coast representative April Hall.

“April Hall is so much more than just a great singer,” says EMG Vice President Garland Miche Waller. “I have seen this young lady in action and she never fails to convey the wealth of her emotions in her music as well as to bring her audience into a direct God encounter. She ministers out of a depth and sincerity that leads you to believe she has a personal relationship with the God that she sings about. Saved, her first single was just the beginning, if you’re not there yet, this disc is going to make you fall in love with April Hall.”

April Hall shares her joy with the messages of strength and encouragement found in The H.O.P.E. Experience. “This CD has something for everyone,” Hall explains. “HOPE is an acronym for hold on, pain ends and gives me a chance for personal reflection. Throughout the trying times of my life, God has been with me, even when I didn’t know he was there or couldn’t feel him near. Challenges presented themselves and shook me to my core, that was soon followed by frustration and then depression and oppression, but through it all, although this journey has been long, I never lost my HOPE, I kept looking for the better days and brighter days and clung tightly to every ounce of Jesus I had. Today, I have a chance to share my hope with others, now do you think I am going to miss this opportunity? Devil, don’t count on it.”

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