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Some of Our Favorite Artists Talk About What They Are Thankful For!!

GOSPELflava.com is wishing you and yours a Very Happy Thanksgiving! We recently caught up with some of today’s hottest Gospel artists to find out what they are thankful for, some music that they enjoy during this time, and some of the holiday traditions observed in their families. I’m sure that many of us will find that they are similar to our own traditions. Our prayer is that this is inspirational and will continue to help us all think about how blessed we are.


“This holiday season I reflect on all the wonderful things GOD has done in my life! I praise God for a healthy marriage, beautiful children and a prosperous ministry. I never take anything for granted and appreciate who God is to me! For this….I give thanks! HAPPY THANKSGIVING! “


“As I look back over this year I’m thankful for my family, my husband Marquis, and my baby girl Aimee Morgan.  I’m also thankful that I released my first solo project 11/1/11Let Us Worship“. God is Faithful and I just thank Him for my Life!”


“I am thankful for my beautiful wife and her faithfulness to our marriage. I am thankful that my son has a better jump shot than I do ,and that my daughter is a MUCH better dancer. I am thankful that I can call my parents and tell them how many things I realized they right about now that I am older. I am thankful for good health despite probably having enjoyed more than my share of chicken wings over a lifetime. I am thankful for all of the people who support my music and that God has given me the opportunity to tell the story. Praise God From Whom All Blessings Flow!”


“This has been a difficult year, yet a remarkable season for me.  I survived a heart attack earlier this year.  My challenges are not over, however I’m beyond thankful for the opportunity to now enjoy life to the fullest.  I enjoy taking part in the simplest of things: life, love, creation/nature, fulfilling dreams, and walking in my purpose.  I’d taken these and other things for granted, or perhaps purposefully neglected them with the notion that time would forever be my friend.  In the words of my friend Jonathan Nelson, “…It could have been another way.”  I’m grateful to be here; there is so much more to be done “


“During this season I enjoy listening to some of the greats like Donny Hathaway, Aretha Franklin, and Sam Cooke. I am thankful that I’m able to spend time with family, laugh, and just enjoy each other’s company. Family is great!
When I think about fond memories of past holidays, I think about being able to take my mom on her first overseas trip. Many of my international tours took place around the holiday season. Being able to give her things and provide those experiences was so special to me because she really enabled & encouraged me to follow my heart with music.”


 “During this time I am thankful to God for many things.  It’s always our tradition to attend church every Thanksgiving morning so that when we sit down to the table we feel that all is well and bountifully blessed. In my home honey baked ham is definitely a staple. We have much to be thankful for during this season.”


“In the Jeter family during the Thanksgiving holiday there will always be singing going on. My four aunts, 2 uncles, and my dad are singers, so it’s a big part of our time together. We all gather at my grandmother’s house and while we cook, harmonies fill the air. I love it! I can’t wait! I always leave grandma’s house with a new idea to incorporate into my music.”

                                                                                             DARLENE MCCOY

“Wow! I am thankful for God being everything He’s promised to be in my life. I’m grateful for incredible children, family, and for opportunities to share joy and love”


“As I reflect over my life I am truly grateful for still being here, being able to do music full time and I’ve never missed a meal. In this season of Thanksgiving always remember that someone else is worse off than you so be grateful.”


“During the Thanksgiving holiday we put up all of our Christmas decorations. This is also the time that we start listening to Christmas music. I enjoy time spent with my family during this season, and I’m thankful to God”




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