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Vincent Bohanan & SOV Release “Live in Dallas”

What began in 2014 as a response to the lack of community choirs in the area is now the signature sound of the gospel choir loving millennial. The organization of the Sound of Victory Fellowship Choir was such a success that by the third rehearsal, nearly 100 members from as far away as New Jersey and Connecticut showed up. Pastor Bohanan has bridged the generational divide by reaching back to the days of traditional gospel choir music and integrating it into the new millennium sound and gospel music experience. Nine years later, the choir is one of the most dynamic ensembles in Gospel music.

With three albums and four Stellar Gospel Music Award nominations under its belt, Vincent Bohanan & SOV is releasing its fourth project “Live in Dallas”. Recorded at the Concord Church in Dallas, Texas, Bohanan describes the album as SOV all grown up. “This album is giving a more mature version of the choir and a more mature version of me,” says Bohanan. “We were still in our teens and early twenties when we recorded our prior albums. On the last album, I was only in my first year of being a pastor…a lot has changed since our last recording. Live in Dallas is definitely a more mature sound with the choir, with the band and with me.” The album boasts 11 full songs, with memorable praise breaks, reprises and intros creating a project of 16 tracks in total. Of all the 11 songs on the album, Bohanan wrote all but one, “There Will Be Glory” which was written by Sigmund Morriar.

The album opens with “Have Your Way Lord” which invokes the group’s plea for the Lord to rule the recording. After a fabulous unfurling, the album continues with “I’m A Witness,” a song that transformed the sanctuary at Concord into one giant choir stand. The Dallas album is earmarked by the charm and singability of compositions by the late Reverend Timothy Wright. SOV took great pride in bringing their hometown sound to the South, punctuated by vocal and musical arrangements reminiscent of Brooklyn born gospel legend Professor James Hall. “I’m A Witness” compels singing along. Even without knowing the words, listeners find themselves lifting the refrain long before the song reaches its vamp. This is one of the first songs ever taught to the choir and the message and music ring true to the commitment of Christian evangelism and the preservation of the unique sound that emanates from the iconic borough.

Proof that you don’t need a lot to do a lot, Vincent Bohanan & SOV boast a simple sophistication tuned to the ears of gospel choir music listeners everywhere. The pace slows slightly with “I Still Believe,” which features Isaiah Templeton of Chicago. This follows up the Chicago album’s “I Believe God,” continues the theme and presses into the first praise break of the album. Showing off the choir’s range as a worship chorale also, native New Yorker Anaysha Figueroa Cooper joins the choir to lend her signature vocals on “Forever.” The lead single from Live in Dallas is “I Love to Call Him,” which flaunts a memorable refrain boosted by a driving bass line that moves body and spirit. Many members have remained with the group since its inception. Briana Young, an original member sings a reminder that if you don’t have the strength to fight on your own, He will always fight for you on “He Fights for Me.” Malik McClain leads “My Answer Will Be Yes,” resemblant of the best choir and band combinations of gospel choir heyday.

What’s a choir album without Bishop Kevin Bond? This one wouldn’t be complete without his unparalleled wordsmithing. His introduction preludes the second half of the album and the pronouncement of glory that is to come. Nikitta Foxx leads “There Will Be Glory” which lifts Concord’s sanctuary into an extended moment of praise and first reprised song of the album. From there, Bohanan and SOV pick up the tempo and throw us back to another of Bohanan’s first songs with their updated version of “Joy.” Not one to pause the people in praise, “I’ve Got It- Victory Chant” follows and pushes the praise to the rafters!

Kaylah Harvey delivers a stirring lead and refreshing spin on the timeless gospel hymn, “I Surrender All.” For an album containing reprises and remakes, the Dallas album is a masterpiece of its own merit. Adding “Any Day Now” to the track listing creates an instant, incessant loop of the latest offering from this amazing group led by a spiritual and sonic visionary.

Live in Dallas was recorded in 2022, to commemorate the 8th anniversary of Vincent Bohanan & SOV. “Every year, we do an anniversary concert in a different city so that we can connect with our fans from around the country. Every city has its own energy, and we get to feed off of that to create a unique experience for each recording. We had a great evening of celebrating the Lord through song, and I think people will enjoy the recording,” says Bohanan.

Vincent Bohanan & SOV was the first artist signed to HezHouse Entertainment. HezHouse founder, Grammy winner Hezekiah Walker, says the ensemble “embodies the strength and vitality of the millennial Gospel choir sound.” Live in Dallas is Vincent Bohanan & SOV’s second release on HezHouse Entertainment, which is distributed through Provident Music Group and releases to all digital streaming platforms Friday, October 6, 2023.

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