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Jonathan McReynolds Announces Network TV Special

Jonathan McReynolds, has announced that TVOne will broadcast his new TV special, “Jonathan McReynolds: Make Room” this Friday, March 30th, at 8/7c. The TV special will be immediately followed by the network’s broadcast of the 33rd Stellar Gospel Awards, at which Jonathan is a featured performer.
“Jonathan McReynolds:  Make Room” marks a rare time a Gospel artist is given an entire one-hour network tv block.  In addition to McReynolds’ performance, the hour-long special will feature behind-the-scenes footage from the recording of Jonathan’s new live album “Make Room,” released March 9th on Entertainment One. The special will feature performances of hit album singles “Cycles” and “Not Lucky, I’m Loved.” The album and special were recorded at CineSpace Chicago in May 2017, and follow Jonathan, his band, and an impressive roster of guest musicians through a spirited and constantly-evolving live set which flows effortlessly between inspired improvisation and tightly rehearsed composition.
The elastic nature of the performance is a testament to Jonathan’s mastery as an artist just as much as his genuine passion, delivering each moment with the same absolute conviction and spellbinding earnestness and charisma. The tight editing and camera work of the TV special service the performance perfectly, capturing as much of Jonathan as it does of the room and audience around him. The TV version makes even clearer how innovative and novel Jonathan’s approach to the live album is… While many artists will approach a live album as an opportunity to capture live alternative recordings of previously-released hits, Jonathan’s live album features an album’s worth of new compositions, making the live performance its own instrument, elevating Jonathan’s playful riffs with the audience, as well as their whoops and cheers to a part of the songs themselves. “Jonathan McReynolds: Make Room” isn’t just a Jonathan McReynolds concert or a behind-the-scenes look at the album recording process… it’s both at once, watching in real-time with the audience as the record takes shape.
At the time, Jonathan explains, “it felt bigger than me. I poured my heart into every element of Make Room. My heart is about to be aired on national TV…for an hour. I am ecstatic. And maybe a little scared.”
Gina Miller, VP/GM eOne Nashville says, “I tell Jonathan often that he is a General (noun). With every song, essay, lyric, album and contribution from his non-profit; Jonathan further cements himself as the consummate creative, leader, philosopher, theologian, songwriter, philanthropist, and artist of high thought, influence and magnitude. By definition, general (adj), also means: concerning all or most people, places, or things; widespread, popular, comprehensive & mainstream. These words also embody what he does, has done and who he will always represent: everyone. With special thanks to TV One, for making room; a wider audience will be able to experience MAKE ROOM.”
Jonathan’s upcoming special is more than just a landmark in the 28-year-old’s already prolific career, it is a landmark for the whole Gospel genre.  “Make Room” is currently the #2 album on Billboard’s current Gospel charts.  Upon its debut, “Make A Room” landed in the #1 slot on Billboard’s Gospel Album Charts and #2 on Top Christian/Gospel albums, as well as breaking into the mainstream at #27 on Top Albums and #97 on Hot 200. Jonathan’s last album, 2015’s “Life Music: Stage Two,” spent four weeks at #1 on the Billboard Gospel chart.
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