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Destined to Win – Karen Clark Sheard

Karen Clark Sheard
Destined To Win

Destined to Win, the sixth solo project from Karen Clark Sheard(and the second solo effort on her Karew Records label) gives die-hard KCS fans what they long for; the singer poised to deliver in an environment where she feels most comfortable and working with a production team helmed by Donald Lawrence and Daniel Weatherspoon. With a proven track record, this disc has all the moving parts turning in the same direction.

CDThere was no better place for the recording than Chicago’s House of Hope, and the people came from the four corners to bear witness to the event (see our recap and pictures here). The recording does a great job in recreating the evening.

A new cover ofDonald Lawrence‘s “We Acknowledge You” (from The Heavens are Telling) makes its return for this edition in addition to “Only Call on Jesus” (from the Second ChanceCD). Karen masterfully interprets Richard Smallwood‘s “The Resurrection” before breaking into preacher/prophet mode.

By now, everyone is comfortable with “My Words Have Power” (the radio edit), but the CD version is an 8 minute, no-holds-barred charge with Prophet Karen peppering each call and response with the words of life. She exhorts the audience “not to let life shut your mouth” and “don’t tell God about your mountain, but tell your mountain about God.” She even speaks into home and family life (and even a gold record for herself). By the time the song comes to an end, its time for a dance, which leads into Donisha Ballard‘s praise Him while you can and take breaks only if you have to chorus, (it’s) “Already Looking Better”.

Honorable mentions go to the Oscar Williams‘ penned “The Worst Is Over” (which is a stop, think and thank God by clearing your row to get your run in when the song is over type song).

And for all the Walmart shoppers, there is the infamous Andrae Crouch classic “Where Jesus Is” that was the actual talk of the session. It is featured on the deluxe edition with a pass the mic sequence that features Kim McFarland and Kierra Sheard and then closes with a fan favorite rousing rendition from the Detroit divas, The Clark Sisters.

In the end, we definitely have a winner!

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Production: Various
album release date: July, 2015
Karew Records
— review by Gregory Gay

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