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Betty Griffin Keller Returns

The incomparable Betty Griffin Keller makes her triumphant return to the forefront of the Gospel music scene with new music hitting the radio airwaves in July. The infectious churchy track So Much To Thank God For expresses her appreciation to God for His goodness down through the years.

“What can I say and do besides tell the Lord how appreciative I am for the opportunity to sing His praises? Looking over my life, I can truly say God has been good to me and it’s not just a familiar cliché, it’s the truth”, proclaims Keller. Almost 3 decades ago, Keller took a hiatus from her college studies to join Reverend James Cleveland’s Southern California Community Choir, where she delivered memorable performances on Nothing Too Hard For God and I Have A Determination.  Reverend Cleveland took note of her penchant for connecting with the audience and seized the opportunity to add her to the James Cleveland Singers.  Doors opened and Keller travelled around the world delighting audiences with her spirit filled witness and rich soulful delivery.  Keller’s continued association with Reverend Cleveland would result in a Grammy Award for Best Soul Gospel Performance for Somehow I Made It from the Having Church CD in 1991.  Keller would record and release an eponymous solo album featuring the hit Eagles’ Wings and the song which became her signature, You Can Make It. 

It was her impassioned delivery of The Grace of God recorded by the Gospel Music Workshop of America that convicted the heart of a young Earnest Pugh, leading him to rededicate his life to God.  The song had such a lasting impact on Pugh that over a decade later, he decided to do a cover of it on his new CD, The Outpour Experience and asked Keller to be a part.  The results were nothing short of divine serendipity as Keller delivered the song with such an anointing, the room went into an uproar during the live session.  Pugh was convinced that it was time to make space for Keller’s return.  “Betty Griffin Keller is the real deal.  When you hear her sing, you hear not just mere words, but the experiences she has lived through conveyed in the words.  I know this is God’s time for what she has to deposit into the earth and I’m grateful that I can be a part of this.” 

So Much to Thank God For is penned by Earnest Pugh and Byron Cage and features the Voices of the New Macedonia Missionary Baptist Church under the spiritual leadership of Pastor Billie R. Keller, where Betty Griffin Keller serves both as Minister of Music and the first lady. The song is headed to radio in the month of July as Betty prepares for promo dates in the upcoming months.

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