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Arletha Patterson Debuts New Single

Arletha A. Patterson loves God with all of her heart. Having grown up around the church, she exudes a passion for the work of the ministry and gives special attention in providing care for God’s people from the very youngest to the aged and elderly.  She has a genuine love for Gospel music (and is a dedicated choir member), but wouldn’t necessarily consider herself a songwriter. Little did she know, God had plans for her that would far exceed her expectations.

“Just looking over this year, we can say that we all in some way or another were impacted by the pandemic, we gave up the life as normal as we know it months ago”, says Patterson.  While it has  been a difficult time filled with fear and uncertainty, the Bible admonishes us to give thanks in everything and for everything.  As I was thinking about God’s faithfulness, I began to offer praise to God for all the wonderful things He has done.  The Lord put a song in my heart that says, even in this, You’ve blessed me, even in this You’ve healed me, I want to say thank You Lord, even in this.  I wanted God to know that while I don’t know what may happen next, I’m glad He’s keeping me, my needs are met, He makes a way and comes to my rescue when I call  and  He’s always caring for me and watching over me. We could focus on the bad but I choose to thank God even in this.   The song started to marinade with me so I sang it to my cousin, who in turn sang it to Mosaic Sounds producer and music gift Danton Whitley, my dear friend and he ran with it. I had no idea it would blossom into this, but again, To God be the Glory.

Even In This features the song stylings of Candace Potts and Brandon Gaines and heads to radio this month.  The song is available on all digital outlets and streaming platforms. 

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