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Yolanda Adams Launches Coffee Company

Congratulations to Yolanda Adams on her launch of Yolanda Adams Coffee. In keeping with Adams’s healthy lifestyle, the brand boasts shade-grown coffee, sourced from a healthy soil-base with no pesticides used during the growing process.  On her site Yolanda Adams Coffee  she shares, “My dream has come true!”  With flavors like Yolanda’s Signature Blend, Colombia Supremo and Peru Organic, the coffee starts at $10.95 per 12 oz bag.  Adams says, “My new coffee venture is a labor of love in honor of all my relatives and friends who enjoy coffee. I remember as a child waking to the aroma of my Grandmother and Grandfather’s favorite blend. The scent would hit my nose on those weekend mornings when I’d spent the night. I could hear the percolator on her gas stove making rhythmic stacatto sounds as the water rushed over and saturated the coffee grounds. It was almost like Science Project perfection. I later found out, while studying how to best prepare coffee, that Granny had it right all along.”

A trendsetter and business savvy woman, Adams will speak at the 22nd annual Black Enterprise Entrepreneur Summit in May in Houston, Texas.

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