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Travis Greene On Purpose

Travis Greene 2GOSPELflava had a chance to catch up with RCA Inspiration recording artist Travis Greene and talk with him about the release of his new CD The Hill which hits digital outlets and retail stores on October 30th.

Travis, you have such an awesome testimony, can you share it once again

Sure, I fell four floors out of a window when I was four and was pronounced dead.  My mother rushed to me, cradled me in her arms and called on the name of Jesus three times and nothing happened.  When she said, “the blood of Jesus”, I came back.  I was rushed to the hospital and the doctors performed the  tests to check me out to see if I was ok.  I wanted to tell my mother what happened to me, but the doctors said remembering would be a traumatic experience.  I told my mom that when I fell, I met a man who asked me if I wanted to go with him or if I wanted to go with my mom, I told him I wanted to go with my mom.  When I asked him his name, he told me He was Jesus.  The Lord gave me my life back because He knew of the work that I had to do for him, and here I am. I am destined to be here to serve God and minister to the needs of people.

Your song Intentional has caught the hearts of people across the country, what was the inspiration behind it?

Well, its kind of a marriage of scripture.  The bible says in Romans 8:28 that all things work together for Good to them that love God.  This means that God is always at work, regardless to the situations we face in life.  God is in control, causing things to work for our good, but he doesn’t stop there.  2 Corinthians 2:14 says thanks be to God who ALWAYS causes us to triumph.  Those two scriptures are loaded with power.  Everyday, we have the opportunity to face life head on, knowing that the God of the universe is working on our behalf and making us victorious. We cannot be defeated.

When I let the record company hear the song, we all knew that we had something.  So we did this on purpose.  I am still in awe of how God uses the music to touch and change people’s lives.  This is a God thing.

What can we expect to hear on The Hill?

As I am a person of varied music styles, its safe to say that there is something for everyone on the CD.  We’ve got your CCM, your Gospel, and even some Reggae, the best way to get it is just to get it (smile).


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