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Robin Covington Embarks Upon Solo Debut

Robin CovingtonRobin Covington is in a class all by herself.  As a lead singer (and founding member) of Ricky Dillard’s New Generation Chorale, she has earned her keep  as a mainstay and an enduring persona with gravitas.  Through it all, the Chicago native counts herself in the company of the blessed.  “God gave this little girl with a big voice a huge opportunity to sing his praises, and I don’t take that opportunity lightly, when you come to full realization that God doesn’t have to use you, He could have used ANYBODY else to carry out His work, you lose your sense of entitlement, bask in His grace and appreciate each experience. I owe God this and so much more.”

Covington comes into her own as she celebrates her birthday with a Melodies from My Heart concert in Chicago on June 11th.  “I have felt the impression in my spirit that its been time to do this, but I have lived with apprehension and fear for so long. The Lord had to tell me Robin, I have equipped you for this, I have prepared you for this, many of the life experiences that you have endured were getting you ready for this moment. After that, there was nothing else to say but Yes Lord.” Look for new music coming via a single in the fall and a CD project to follow.

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