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New Music From Jason Hendrickson

The bible admonishes us to encourage one another with psalms, hymns and spiritual songs. Singer, songwriter, pastor, visionary leader and influencer Jason Hendrickson finds himself blessed by God with many gifts and uses them all to inspire, encourage and equip people from all walks of life to cling to faith and the promises of God. His new single, Hold On bears witness to that truth.

“We are living in a day where people are hurting”, states the Brooklyn pastor and celebrated songwriter. “It was one thing to deal with daily life challenges, but everything was turned up a notch with the pandemic and then adding to that racial injustices and political upheaval, we need to know where to go for answers and encouragement. I wrote this song to let people know that yes, its hard, but we are not without hope. We can make it, we’ve got to hold on, even in the midst of fear of the future and uncertainty. The sun will shine again, because God is on our side and with Him, we can get through anything.”

From his own experiences Jason has seen the power of God touch the hearts of many through the universal language of music. As a master percussionist, he accompanied Bishop Hezekiah Walker and the famed Love Fellowship Crusade Choir as they travelled the country defining the choir sound emanating from Brooklyn. As an in demand composer/ arranger, his compositions are well received and uniquely display a fusion of soulful melodies, the sampling of various genres and strong lyrics weaved together to deliver powerful truths that inspire hope and healing. Jason gets assistance on the new single from the east coast powerhouse herself, the inimitable Pastor Monique as well as spoken word delivered by Brooke Lynne.

Hold On is available at all digital outlets and streaming platforms and is making rounds at radio now.

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