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New Music From Brian Courtney Wilson

Grammy-nominated, groundbreaking singer-songwriter Brian Courtney Wilson shares new music this week with the release of “A Great Work,” the debut single and title track from his first new album in 3 years, A GREAT WORK, to be released by Motown Gospel in March 2018.

Wilson’s purpose-driven lyrics and evocative music are his hallmark. “A Great Work,” is a marvelous and deeply thoughtful song that inspires us to strive for greatness and speaks to God’s faithfulness, while tapping into a much-needed message.

“The song, ‘A Great Work,’ is intended to inspire you to keep planting your seed of faith for a harvest of greatness,” explained Wilson. “Life can be filled with many twists, turns, and attacks on your spirit. I want to encourage you to endure, believing that the great things you plant for today will matter for generations to come.”

The song has made immediate impact at radio, having been on the Most Added list for three consecutive weeks since it was serviced at the top of the year.

“Brian Courtney Wilson’s ‘A Great Work’ picks up right where ‘Worth Fighting For’ left off with a calling and passion for the love of God. ‘A Great Work’ will be an anthem for 2018,” says Reggie Baker, Program Director at WPPZ Radio One Richmond, VA.

“A Great Work,” is available digitally now wherever music is streamed and sold.

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