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Micah Stampley Opens Coffee Shop

Congratulations to Micah Stampley and wife Heidi as they set out on a new venture, Orleans Brews and Beignets, a coffee shop in Fayetteville, GA.  Stampley shared on Instagram that he enjoys cooking, and at the encouragement of their late nanny, Momma Nic, has decided to step out on faith in a new direction! Orleans Brews and Beignets’ Facebook page says Orleans Brews and Beignets is a locally owned Coffeehouse & Cafe serving some of the finest coffee and cuisine around. Come and get a taste of New Orleans.”  The restaurant’s menu boasts great espresso, hot coffee, and specialty drinks as well as made to order beignets, Po-boy’s, bread pudding, jambalaya, shrimp etouffee and red beans & rice. We are officially hungry!

Stampley isn’t trading in his mic completely, he’s headed to Toronto this weekend for Good Friday as a part of the Soundz of Worship Tour with Jonathan Nelson and Sonnie Badu.  On May 20, 2016, he released To the King: Vertical Worship which features hit songs from previous albums as well as the hit single “Be Lifted”.

Dare to challenge yourself. Dare to dream bigger than ever. Walk in faith and be true to who you are. Those were the words spoken to me for approximate 8 years by Momma Nic (our beloved nanny who passed away last year. As a matter of fact, it was Momma Nic who pushed me to my limits every single time I cooked my family a meal. She’d be tasting my flavors, checking the consistency of the dish and giving me pure truth about my food. She really enjoyed my passion for creating spectacular dishes and loved to spend quality time with me in the kitchen. One day she brought me a complete Chef’s outfit and said, “Son, wear this everytime you get in the kitchen.” Well Momma Nic, I’m in full uniform doing exactly what you told me to do and I’m loving every moment of it. Thanks for loving us and pushing us to go big or go home. I decided not to go home until all of my dreams were completed. We miss you so much!

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