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Maranda Curtis Debuts Open Heaven

The wait is over as the powerful pen and voice of Maranda Curtis is making its mark in the world of worship. With the release of the new album, Open Heaven, Maranda leads worshippers around the globe into the presence of God, bringing a fresh sound and an ultimate encounter for all those who experience her ministry.

Recorded live in Delaware, Open Heaven offers a unique blend of gospel, jazz, soul and pure inspiration which captures the listener. Among the highlights include “Nobody Like You Lord,” which is perfectly suited for personal and corporate worship settings and the sweeping title track “Open Heaven,” which truly transports the listener to another place. The video for “Open Heaven,” has already amassed over 200,000+ Youtube views and continues to connect with people around the world. Curtis also demonstrates range, on the upbeat soulful sound on “Power Lord,” which starts off the album on the right note.

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