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Keeping Up With Deitrick Haddon

One can certainly ask, Where in the world is Deitrick Haddon? The answer is he is not standing still for very long.  Deitrick has had a very busy November in the studio working on music for his new CD,  The League of Extraordinary Worshippers.  In the midst of recording, Haddon ministered the gospel in song in the city of lights;  Paris, France.  In December, Haddon joins Fred Hammond, Don Moen, Israel Hougton, Micah Stampley and others for The Experience 2012, the largest musical concert in Lagos, Nigeria attracting crowds of over 250,000.

AND THIS: TV One will celebrate the holiday season with the world television premiere of “Deitrick Haddon’s A BEAUTIFUL SOUL” on Saturday, December 22, 8:00PM EST

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