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Israel Houghton's Call To Action

090_israelIsrael Houghton’s theatrical debut I’m in Love With a Church Girl opened nationwide in theaters, and Houghton took to social media on yesterday to mobilize  the Body of Christ to action.

Hey guys! I need to ask a personal favor.

I know we have posted a few things about the film I produced and did the soundtrack for called I’m in Love with a Church Girl, but I need your help. This weekend, we need the Kingdom of God to come out and support this film. Here’s why:

Unfortunately, there are a lot of critics that are non-believers that have written and posted negative reviews in major papers and websites that knock the film for it’s message and are skewing the reality about how great this movie is for the faith-based audience.

So that’s where you, me, and we come in. Here’s what I need you to do:


1. Go to iminlovewithachurchgirl.com/theaters and see if the movie is playing in your area. If it is, grab a friend, spring for the popcorn, and enjoy a great quality, family film with amazing actors and amazing production quality.


2. After you’ve seen the movie, Facebook & Tweet to the I’m in Love with a Church Girl social media sites about how much you liked it.


3. Write a review on Fandango and Rotten Tomatoes to hide the place of the critics who will never see the value in this film.


4. Tell your friends. Tell your youth group. Tell your ministry. Tell your Church. Need flyers? Ask, we’ll help you however we can to get the word out. If you have a group of 20 or more, check out our website for group sales discounts.


5. Watch the Kingdom rise as we continue to watch the testimonies and power roll through the community. If this movie can bring Ja Rule to Christ, imagine what it can do when we spread the word?



Now, I’m not asking you to do these things to make money or to sell records. It’s to help glorify God, and to help reach the least, the lost, and the last so they too can find the salvation of Jesus.


It’s time to show Hollywood that there is room and DEMAND for quality faith-based films like this.


Thanks everyone! See you at the movies!

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