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Have You Heard? New Music from Lowell Pye – Alright


Is this is where I declare that I am a dyed-in-the-wool Lowell Pye fan (as in fanatic)??????

I loved the Finally Lowell CD (was that the title?).  It was an expression of the music in his soul, the very definition of his inner being, all that he had pent up for so many years finally getting a chance to be released and expressed.  AND IT WAS GOOD.   Don’t leave out the opportunities to sing with Rance Allen, Marvin Winans and Sheri Jones Moffet.  It was just a wow moment, a selah if you will.

So at the announcement there would be new music, I must say I was kinda excited.  Then the wait was over and I heard Alright.   I was somewhat perplexed.  Upon hearing the beginning, I feel compelled to get 4 other guys and form a line and run through our Temptations/Five Heartbeats dance routine.  Memories of Soul Train on Saturdays came to mind.  Then I woke up.  Now, to say that the song is heavily Motown influenced is an understatement.  Luckily for me, I kept listening, and beyond all the Motown-ery, there is a message, and that is this: no matter what you’re going through.  I believe God WILL make everything (feel free to substitute whatever you’re going through here) alright.  That is good enough for me.  (And trust that Lowell brings his A game to the session, so he hollers just a little bit).

Let’s look for a response from the Mothers Board when they sing this on Sunday.




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