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Gospel Community Embrace Return To Hymns

Roy Cotton has started a revival with his effort to Bring Back The Hymns.  Noted Pastor/Teacher, songwriter and musician Hart Ramsey and Grammy nominated producer, songwriter, former Full Gospel Baptist Fellowship Minister of Music and musician Jeffrey LaValley share their own personal reflections on the hymns of the church and their importance

Pastor Hart Ramsey

Pastor Hart Ramsey

I am a lover of hymns. My mother sang them around the house when I was growing up. And when she would take me to church hymns were all they sang.
My favorite hymn though is not an older standard. This one is a more modern one written by Andrae Crouch, “The Blood Will Never Lose Its Power.”

I love this song because it nails the message of the Gospel perfectly. Every time I hear it I’m reminded of what my faith is all about and my hope is immediately reassured that the work that Jesus accomplished on the cross is still valid today.

“It reaches to the highest mountain and it flows to the lowest valley. The blood that gives me strength from day to day, it will never lose its power.”

A. Jeffery Lavalley

A. Jeffery LaValley

Hymns provide acclamation, inspiration, education, contemplation, stimulation, adoration, consolation, commendation, dedication, salutation—and so much more. Most of all, the rendering of the hymns allows us the opportunity to enter into worship of our King.

 We must remember that we have been commanded not only to let the Word of God dwell in us, but even to encourage each other through psalms, hymns and spiritual songs (Colossians 3:16 KJV).  The hymns inspire, have a complete and pertinent message and can lift you from the depths of despair.  Today’s church cannot afford the loss of such a valuable asset in the Christian arsenal.
 My favorite hymn is “I Need Thee Every Hour”.    The lyrics of this hymn speak the sentiment of my heart to the point.     Every hour……..

Bring Back the Hymns makes its debut August 30th.

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