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Dorsey Convention Celebrates Spring Session in Chicago

Gospel music is celebrated and revered due largely in part to the dedicated and consistent efforts of organizations like the National Convention of Gospel Choirs and Choruses. The NCGCC makes its way to Chicago this week for its annual board meeting, the precursor to the 85th Annual Convention taking place in Dallas, Texas in August.
The National Convention of Gospel Choirs and Choruses, founded and organized by Professor Thomas A. Dorsey, the Father of Gospel music, is the oldest singing organization dedicated to the advancement and continuation of Gospel music in the United States and internationally. “Embarking upon our 85th year, it is fitting that we spend some time in the city where it all began, Chicago, Illinois”, echoed Dr. Gentry. “God has blessed us to carry on Dr. Dorsey’s legacy without interruption for some eight decades. We have been catalysts for the spreading of this joyful music. From NCGCC sprung other musical entities. Reverend James Cleveland came to Dr. Dorsey to ask his blessing to begin the Gospel Music Workshop of America and the late Edwin and Bishop Walter Hawkins honored Dr. Dorsey and Sallie Martin by having them grace the inaugural gathering of the Music and Arts Seminar. We have a great history and we are carrying a great legacy. We have so much to thank God for, and Gospel music is on the move. Doors continue to open and Gospel music is respected as a true American art form. Not only is it sung in churches and cathedrals across the globe, but Gospel music is being carried and its history is being taught in elementary schools and on college campuses, we have main stage representation with performances on Good Morning America and on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, the Super Bowl has its very own Gospel music festival and on and on, this is the fulfillment of Dr. Dorsey’s dream and we have to do all we can to make sure that it continues to flourish”.
Representatives from some 30 + chapters spread across the US and abroad will descend upon Chicago to assist in the planning of the upcoming 85th convention, which will take place in Dallas, Texas August 4-10th. This week’s festivities will include a welcome musical on Wednesday, April 18th in the Grand Ballroom of the Mariott Midway Hotel featuring both local and national artists including Chicago’s historic Pilgrim Baptist Church Choir, International Gospel recording artists Reverend Calvin Bridges, MInister Cinque Cullar and Pastor Bryant Jones and Chosen, Robin Covington, Billboard chart-topping Trinity United Church of Christ Choir, the United Voices of Western Illinois University and a host of others. A very special salute to Professor Dorsey will take place before the board meeting draws to a close on Friday, April 20th.

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